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Titanic floating in the sea again

Exclusive desk: A century ago, in 191 volumes of ice crashed into the North Atlantic sinking of the Titanic graves saliva. Present during the cruise of the world’s largest and educability no end of speculation. The Titanic sank deeper into cooler waters in the Atlantic still, talks adventure loving people wake up repeatedly raided eyes. If you want to be able to fulfill this dream, however, heavy pocket passengers. In May, can be seen sinking Tanganyika! But, how? The London-based travels company, Blue Marble private, since this facility is going to start in May next year. 5 thousand USD 1 million for each person or company said it will cost around Rs 84 lakh. You cannot sink any ship that sank the Titanic was announced by Robert Ballardand his team Years later it was found in 1985. This is the last bhramanasuyoga titanic travel company said. Moreover, the 016 study, the newly discovered ” extremophile bacteria ” eat the remains of the ship has started. If this trend continues, within the next 15 to 20 years, it will be completely wiped out. Titanic sleeps beneath the sea to the people as possible an opportunity to see the eight-day trip to the Blue Marble is private. Newfoundland, Canada, titanium, and carbon fiber made from a specially designed submarine, they will take the passengers of the Atlantic at a depth of about two kilometers. However, all of the tickets for the trip ended, according to the Blue Marble. The 191 pieces of sea ice in the North Atlantic on April 15, with the mountains, the real Titanic ship sank in shock. More than half of the passengers and crew were killed in the incident.

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