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Samsung Galaxy S8, Big screen, Small in surprises

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung galaxy S8

Samsung followers had a pending appointment with the manufacturer since Note 7 disappeared from the market because of the explosive reasons we all know. And if they have been attentive to the rumors that have been appearing over the last few weeks, they will practically know the phone completely. Why? Well because almost all the information was correct: curved screen without bezels, the reader of back points and without the home button. Is it the phone you’ve been waiting for? We’re going to tell you what we thought.

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The design is impressive

Samsung has again demonstrated that it has caught the point on that of the curved screen. The glass returns to achieve a level of total integration with the metal body, and this time you will almost not appreciate any flange. If you thought that aesthetically presents little news regarding the S7, you’re wrong. When you have it in hand you can see that the screen is amazing, covering a lot of surface of the front and feeling super comfortable.

You should keep in mind that the size has increased to 5.8 and 6.2 inches for the S8 and S8+ respectively, but thanks to the use of the surface the phone do not feel larger than the previous versions. The panel has a resolution of 2,960 x 1,440 pixels in both cases, and now the corners of the screen are rounded, getting an even more uniform and elegant look.

Maximum performance without differentiating element

As always, the phone will come with different processors according to market, having a Snapdragon 835 in the United States and an Exynos of eight cores for Europe, although both will include 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage. The camera is apparently the same as the S7, with 12 megapixels, f/1.7 aperture, and dual pixel technology, but Samsung ensures that the processing of the images will be different and will get better colors and clarity.


Something that has changed is the front camera, with 8 megapixels and a facial focus system that will achieve clear results. In addition, effects similar to those offered by Snapchat and Instagram have been included, something very fashionable but that adds little. Everything is to have a laugh in the first days of the life of the terminal.

Quiet, the S8 still includes a headphone port and microSD card slot. The memory can be extended with cards up to 256 GB, and as for water, without problems, will remain waterproof and dust like your brothers. A negative note? The fingerprint sensor. Samsung has removed the physical button (we’ll talk about it later) to get more screen space, so it was forced to place the fingerprint reader in the back.

The problem comes with its placement since it is located to the right of the camera, a position that will take us to touch the lens of the camera on numerous occasions. I myself encountered difficulties in placing the finger on the reader, and obviously, I have touched the camera on more than one occasion. The ideal would be to place the sensor in the central part, under the camera, as do other manufacturers.

Probably the reason for that decision is due to the incorporation of an iris reader, as already did Note 7. This method of identification is quite fast, and also safe so that Samsung’s intentions could be to eliminate the reader Of footprints and bet on reading eyes.

Big insight, comfortable in the hand

Again, the phone is very comfortable to hold, and the screen has not increased the dimensions of the terminal. Another issue will be to handle the interface because obviously, the finger will not reach the top corner if we handle with a hand. To solve this problem the manufacturer has included a series of gestures that will help us manage through the menus.

The excellent work done by Samsung in the design allows the S8 to feel a step above the LG G6 even having the same type of screen (no curves, of course). There also Samsung is gaining thanks to its panel AMOLED, now with HDR technology, so we will enjoy high dynamic range images that will leave us with the mouth open.
Yes, the home button has disappeared to make more room for the screen. So how do we get back to the main screen when we’re inside an app? Instead, we will have a virtual button on the screen that will do its job, but that will not always appear to not resize the screen with a black clipping. To make use of this button without having to show it, Samsung has included a haptic technology very similar to 3D Touch that will serve to push the button no matter what application or menu we are.
It is a somewhat strange feature since we can do the same by touching the screen once and clicking on the button that appears on it. According to Samsung, the technology of pulsation serves to save us that point and to be able to press the button of initiation of one time. Honestly, we know little. Compared with 3D Touch, the vibrating touch surface is limited to the center zone of the bottom bezel (where the start button would be), while the Apple terminal is available across the screen. And no, the menu and back buttons do not offer this virtual button feel, you just give away a little haptic vibration like the one we’re used to noticing so far.

Bixby at your service. But with problems

The presentation of the new S8 also comes with the arrival of Samsung’s virtual assistant, which opens for the first time with these new terminals. With the name of Bixby, this helper will be able to offer us control of the terminal without touching the screen. From adjusting the brightness, airplane mode, changing the wallpaper, searching for a product on the internet or identifying a city monument. Bixby will do everything, but its launch will be quite limited, since it will arrive only in English and Korean, having planned to learn at the end of the year “Spanish for the public of the United States”.

In the tests, we have been able to verify that the action of identifying objects requires a manual adjustment on the screen, as a way to cut the software to focus on the object in question and not distracted with other things. This small detail seems somewhat limited, as it does not correspond to the philosophy of freeing the user of the phone. To activate Bixby we can recite its name (without hey tags, hello or anything similar), or by pressing the new dedicated button that has been included under the volume control. This button will be pressed as a walkie talky, and we will not release it until we have finished with the request.

Bixby points out ways and seems pretty well integrated into the system, thus offering endless possibilities. Anyway, the lack of recognition of languages (in our case Spanish) and inaccuracy with some results gives us some doubts about the service. We will have to see how mature it is with time.

Also as a mobile office

Taking advantage of the potential of the processor and RAM, the new S8 and S8 + are capable of transforming into desktop computers with the help of a new dock with USB-C port that allows you to connect the phone to an HDMI display and various USB accessories. Once connected, the image that will leave the terminal will be a new interface based on Android with the desktop aspect, where we can handle windows with different applications, context menus with the right mouse button, and play videos while using Word or Excel.

The operation and operation in this way have pleasantly surprised us and has shown to offer a very hopeful performance on the possibilities that this model will offer. Unfortunately, the connection base will not be included with the phone, so it will have to be purchased separately.

Price and release date

The new S8 and S8 + will be available from April 21, and as for the price, at the time of writing this article, the manufacturer had not yet given details about it (we will update as soon as we know).
Update: 809 euros and 909 euros for the S8 and S8 + respectively.

There is no doubt that the Samsung reference phone for this 2017 is a magnificent terminal, but we have some feeling that we expected to see something with more hook, that hit from the first moment. Maybe the manufacturer did not want to risk on this occasion and has preferred to bet on a functional design, convincing and that serves to convince users. But until we do the analysis, we can not draw conclusions.

  Price and release date

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