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Ek Dish Dui Cook

Ek Dish Dui Cook

Coca-Cola presents ‘Ek dish dui cook’ is a Bangladeshi celebrity reality show which airs on ETV every Thursday at 10 pm. This show is about celebrating the relationship between the celebrities and their loved ones.

On each episode, a celebrity has to surprise a special person in his/her life. The surprise includes cooking, preparing gifts, decorating the house and of course inviting their family and friends.

Celebrities can invite a friend to help them with cooking and grocery shopping. Every episode starts with a meeting in the director’s office where everything is planned. The next step is grocery shopping in the famous super shop ‘Shawpno’. Then all the cooking starts and continues with lots of fun and dramas. At the end of the day the when the special person enters the house, the real fun begins.

Famous celebrities like Mithila, Shafin Ahmed, Apurbo, Nayeem, Nadia, Mamo, Bijori Barkatullah have been on this show. On today’s episode, we will be watching actor Shajal. The promo is already out.

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